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image 3943 of Dulit Frogmouth

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Dulit Frogmouth

Latin Name : Batrachostomus harterti

Site Name : British Museum

Photographer : KEULEMANS, J.G.

Date : 1892-00-00

Notes : The original illustration from the British Museum Catalogue Vol XVI based on the skin of the type specimen of Dulit Frogmouth collected in 1891 by Charles Hose at 600m on Mt Dulit (N. Sarawak) after it flew into his lamp lit hut at night. Acording to Ben King and Dennis Yong in Forktail No.26 Aug. 2010 the call of the Dulit Frogmouth is " a loud trumpeting monotone whooooooaah, quite distinct from the rapid , sonorous, hollow tremolo, whowhowhowhowhowhowhooooo of the Large Frogmouth". As the plumages are very similar these different calls are the only way of distinguishing the two species in the field.