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O'NEILL, Daisy

: daisyoneillbirding@gmail.com

: https://

Fieldscope ETX90+ custom- made adaptor+ DCL30/50mag.+digital camera P3/P4 variable.
Fieldscope ED82+FSB3X30/50mag+Digital camera P3/P4 variable.

To globetrot as an open university,
To bird study and photograph in the wild.
To document and story write along the way.
To be educated to educate, support, conserve and advocate sound practices in nature's conservative efforts whenever opportunity calls upon.
Daisy O'Neill writes regularly for Bird Ecology of S'pore (BESG) under pen name, 'AvianWriter.'
She provides and receives funds for and from her own private fund- " Daisy O'Neill Bird Conservation Fund".

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