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Second photographic records of Spectacled FLowerpecker


Since 18th June 2009, after Messrs David P. Edwards, Richard E. Webster and Rose Ann Rowlett published their account and first photographs of a flowerpecker (Spectacled Flowerpecker) suspected to be new to science from Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Danum Valley in Sabah, visiting and local birders have been trying to see/ photograph it in Danum Valley,  however, it managed to  elude them all, as no photograph nor sighting was subsequently reported.


This species is suspected to be a canopy specialist feeding on canopy growing mistletoes, thus has been overlooked by birders and ornithologists who paid major part of their attention to the lower and middle storeys.


On 31st August 2014, Mr. Asmali Asli, a keen bird photographer from Brunei Darussalam, was with his photography group, Brunei Wildlife & Nature Photography Club, in Labi Hill. He managed to photograph a flowerpecker similar to those photographed by David P Edwards & Co..  Labi Hill is made up of lowland forests not different from those at Danum Valley.


The link to Mr. Asli photo in Borneo Bird Images Website is


 Mr. Asmali Asli Facebook account is


According to Mr. Asli, he saw only one bird, it stopped for less than 10 seconds on a branch at eye level and flew off without coming back, it was a chance encounter.  He was the only lucky one in his photography group who managed to take photo of the bird.


Mr. Asli photo is significant because  it shows the Spectacled Flowerpecker occurs elsewhere in Borneo, it is not confined to canopy of the forest, and, it occurs in undisturbed pristine lowland forests in very low numbers.


Mr. Asli photos, being the second photographic records of this mysterious species, should also reignite interests of birders/photographers to pay more attention to it so that more can be known about its habits and habitats for purposes of science and conservation.


Added by tswong on 2014-09-06

Spectacled Flowerpecker
Spectacled Flowerpecker