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image 6222 of Spectacled Flowerpecker

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Spectacled Flowerpecker

Latin Name : Dicaeum species

Site Name : Mesilau, Kinabalu Park

Photographer : YEO, Siew Teck

Date : 2008-12-21

Notes : This photo taken by Yeo Siew Teck in montane forest on Kinabalu is a female Bornean flowerpecker Dicaeum monticolum not a Spectacled Flowepecker as once believed. Distinguished by the slight greenish wash on the wing coverts. The close similarity indicates that both Spectacled and Bornean flowerpeckers are most closely related to the Grey-sided Flowerpecker of Sulawesi, indicating unusual "reverse colonization" across Wallace's Line, as most avian crossings have been west to east.