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Pacific Reef Egret

Latin Name : Egretta sacra

Site Name : Kota Kinabalu

Photographer : SINGH HSS, Amar

Date : 2017-03-27

Notes : There were 3 birds I saw that has a very light plumage. They cannot be considered the white morph but are much lighted than the ‘classical’ black dark morph; they are a shade of purple-brown-grey. This observation was not due to lighting issues. Two of them looked young and were not in breeding plumage (Post 5). They both had a white patch on the throat. HBW 2017 states the dark morph “varies in coloration, from slate-grey to brown-grey …, with variable numbers of white feathers on chin and sometimes throat (this feature is most pronounced in Indonesian birds, but entirely absent in some populations in S & E of range); intermediate forms also occur…” There are few bird with a similar colouration posted in the OBI database; some have been labelled juvenile. - Amar -