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Spectacled Flowerpecker photographed again!

The yet undescribed Spectacled Flowerpecker was photographed again in Brunei Darussalam in early August 2016 by Ms. Hanyrol H. Ahmad Sah (either on 2nd or 4th, she could not be sure as her camera developed a problem after she exposed it in the rain to photograph some rare encounter, now she needs to regularly reset the date in her camera), below is her account of the encounter.


Quote: "It was probably my 114th or 115th time climbing the canopy tower of the Ulu Temburong National Park (maybe around 10 am) that I saw this tiny bird feeding on these red fruits. During that time I only knew that it was a flowerpecker but I was certain that I had never seen it before. The SF [Spectacled Flowerpecker] stayed around 2-3 minutes until it flew to a bare branch just 2-3 meters across the initial tree then took off."


The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia on Ulu Temburong:

{"Ulu Temburong National Park was the first national park to be established in Brunei, protected since 1991. The park is in Temburong District in eastern Brunei, and covers about 40% of the district in the south at 550 square kilometres (210 sq mi). It is within the Batu Apoi Forest Reserve. The park contains unspoiled jungle and is known as the "Green Jewel of Brunei", described as "the finest example of the sultanate's successful forest protection policy".}


As this is also photographed from the canopy, we can further conclude this species prefers upper storey of pristine forests. It was first photographed from the Canopywalk in Danum Valley (which is of similar habitat) in 2009 foraging on mistletoes.


Hanyrol's FaceBook page is here.


This is the second photographic record from Brunei Darussalam, it was first photographed in Labi Hill end of August 2014, see link.


Added by tswong on 2016-10-01

Spectacled Flowerpecker
Spectacled Flowerpecker
Spectacled Flowerpecker