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image 4716 of Yellow-eared Spiderhunter

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Yellow-eared Spiderhunter

Latin Name : Arachnothera chrysogenys

Site Name : Danum

Photographer : POULSEN, Axel Dalberg

Date : 0000-00-00

Notes : Feeding on nectar of Etlingera elatior, one of around 40 species of Etlingera ground gingers found in Borneo. Etlingera flowers are brightly coloured red or orange and either appear at ground level or on short stalks separate from the leaf stems. Each clump of gingers produces a small number of flowers regularly throughout the year to provide nectar for “trap lining” Little Spiderhunters which fly from clump to clump on a regular daily circuit. Wild bananas are pollinated in a similar fashion. Information from Etlingera of Borneo by Axel Dalberg POULSEN.