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image 4977 of Mountain Scops Owl

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Mountain Scops Owl

Latin Name : Otus spilocephalus

Site Name : The Ibis

Photographer : KEULEMANS, J.G.

Date : 1889-00-00

Notes : Illustration by John Gerrard Keulemans. Keulemans was one of the most famous and prolific bird artists of the late19th Century. Between c.1850 and c.1900 British ornithologists including Everett, Whitehead, Hose and Wallace scoured the remotest parts of Borneo collecting new bird species and selling their skins to wealthy collectors and museums back home. London was the world center of this trade. New species were usually described in The Ibis an ornithological journal by Richard Bowdler Sharpe of the British Museum and often named after the collector or a friend or sponsor. Keulemans was usually commissioned to illustrate the new species and his illustrations appear frequently in editions of the The Ibis from that period.