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Glossy Swiftlet

Latin Name : Collocalia esculenta

Site Name : Sepilok

Photographer : SINGH HSS, Amar

Date : 2016-04-30

Notes : I had a small opportunity to check out birds around my hotel venue. I spotted a sizeable number of Glossy Swiftlets collecting nesting material from Livistona chinensis palms. They would fly in swiftly, sharply turn and snatch with the beak at fiber from dead parts of the palm; pulling strongly away if successful. Success rates for attempts were ~ 40%. I have previously reported similar behaviour for Peninsular Malaysia, see:
Amar-Singh HSS. Glossy Swiftlet Collocalia esculenta stealing nesting material from Baya Weaver Ploceus philippinus nests in Perak, Malaysia. BirdingASIA 16 Dec 2011.
Also reported here:
I have seen this behaviour 5 times in the peninsular over the past 5-6 years; 3 times stealing from Baya Weaver nests and twice collecting from creepers. Good to see healthy behaviour among the Glossy Swiftlet in Borneo.