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image 6267 of Dulit Frogmouth

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Dulit Frogmouth

Latin Name : Batrachostomus harterti

Site Name : Sarawak Museum

Photographer : PHILLIPPS, Quentin

Date : 2010-10-04

Notes : This and the next 3 photos are all of the same group of 4 Dulit Frogmouths collected in the Kelabit Highlands by one of Tom Harrison\'s paid collectors. Note the variation in size. The largest Dulit Frogmouths are larger than Large many Large Frogmouths. Based on my very limited examination of skins in the Sarawak Museum it appears that on average large size frogmouths collected in the Borneo mountains (Dulit Frogmouth) tend to be smaller and darker than the large sized frogmouths (Large Frogmouth) collected in the Borneo lowlands but there are many exceptions. Most determinations appear to be based on collecting site i.e. if it was collected in the Kelabit Highlands it must be Dulit frogmouth !