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image 6695 of Brown-throated Sunbird

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Brown-throated Sunbird

Latin Name : Anthreptes malacensis

Site Name : Kuching

Photographer : SINGH HSS, Amar

Date : 2012-09-11

Notes : Remarks

More from Kuching – they was a small green lung around the hotel which I explored every morning while waiting for transport to the convention center.

Saw a pair of Brown-throated Sunbirds feeding on Poikilospermum suaveolens nectar. Possibly A. m. malacensis rather than A. m. bornensis. They seem to need to “eat the flowers” to get to the nectar.

There was recent discussion on birds that feed on the Poikilospermum suaveolens nectar, see:


I have also seen a Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush Garrulax mitratus major feeding on the same plant, see: