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Bornean Oriole

Latin Name : Oriolus hosii

Site Name : Paya Maga

Photographer : LEE, Chien C

Date : 2010-10-10

Notes : The first ever photograph of the endemic Bornean Oriole also known as Hose's Oriole or Black Oriole. This unique photograph was taken by Ch'ien C Lee on the Paya Maga expedition in extreme northern Sarawak between 28 September-15 October 2010. Paya Maga is an area of montane forest in the headwaters of the Trusan River at an altitude of 1500-1800 metres next to the Sabah border and 30 km from Ulu Temburong National Park in SE Brunei. This oriole is one of a very few Bornean montane birds not yet recorded from Sabah but the discovery of this population near the Sabah border indicates that it does occur in southern Sabah.